Closing Down

This site will be closing down but I'll be transferring the poetry and prose to my art site called Shades of Trees which I share with my mom and sister.

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Oh Lord, there is so much more that you want from us. To be open. To be honest. To Weep. To Worship. To Pray. Time. It all takes time. Time…

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We all seem to be flogging our own horses, not to mention that horse could be ourselves. Forgetting we a body. Picture a team of horses pulling a carriage, the…

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The hours draw on as the mist settles thick between the building between the trees and it feels as though it is even in my bedroom. The candle flickers from…

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My Life

I am not alone and yet I feel lonely. I hear all the night noises, And I Thank The Lord For His Creations. I see a room filled with earthly…

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Lava of Love

Lord, may your church rise up and take it's rightful place. Luke 11:33-36 No one lights a lamp, then hides it. Put it on its stand, so that those who…

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The Well

Good, you go to church. You get water at the communal well but once a week isn't enough. This is not religion, it's a relationship. How do we develop a…

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Game reserve

Going to the game reserve, there are huge benefits to arrive at sunrise. You see animals that you don't normally see. Perhaps they nocturnal and they heading off to go…

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I had to prune the leather fern in our garden, so while I was cutting I was sorting. The perfect ones I could put in a vase in the house.…

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I've been watching MasterChef Australia, I can't explain why as I'm no chef, just a normal home cook mom with 3 other fussy mouths to feed. It makes me see…

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Lockdown 1 Month in

Lord I can't think of the future. I can't plan or prepare. My life is all up in the air. The children are home with schoolwork to do using books…

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Acts 3 in the Message, "In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk!...In an instant his feet and ankles became firm. He jumped to his feet and walked... Faith…

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